For Therapists Training the Next Generation of EFT Therapists

The Couples & Family Institute of Tri-Cities is a training and research institute for master's and doctoral degree seeking interns and associate licensed therapists in training. All interns are under supervision and offer Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples and families.

Dr. Conrad is certified by ICEEFT as a designated EFT supervisor. She is able to teach and train individuals and in groups the elements of doing supervision and can help you get certified in EFT. She offers online Zoom supervision as well as in person supervision. 

Local Group Supervision Led by a Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor

Join with your colleagues in the community who have attended at minimum an EFT Externship and would like to increase their skills and training using the EFT model. We meet once a month for 6 months as a closed group. You get to know your EFT colleagues in a confidential and close way, share your work and receive feedback from an EFT supervisor. It’s a great learning environment.

Participants are asked to share their recordings of their work (with appropriate release of information) so we can help you discover where you need support and to learn from mistakes and struggles with clients

  • $300 for 6 Sessions

    Payable at once

  • 3rd Thursday of Every Month from 11:15 - 12:45 (Starting September 17, 2020

    Held at CFIT office in Kennewick (if the county is allowed to have groups of people join together). Otherwise, we will be online for this local group.

  • A great opportunity to get to know local EFT colleagues

  • Minimum of 4, Maximum of 6 Participants

Online Group Supervision

Dr. Conrad also conducts an online supervision training that offers the same experience to show tape and get feedback from a certified EFT supervisor as you learn and grow with EFT. This can be a great opportunity in-between Core Skills Training to keep the momentum you’re gaining from additional training, or just to keep brushing up on your skills.

Participants will be asked to bring tape and to share with the group via zoom screen share (with appropriate releases from your clients). We will discuss cases and get feedback on ways to help you through the challenges of your cases once a month.

  • $300 for 6 Months (paid in advance)

  • First Thursday of Every Month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • Begin as Soon as We Have a Minimum of 4 Participants Signed Up

  • Participants are Not Limited to Local Therapists

Individual Supervision

Individual supervision and supervision of supervision, can be either online or in person. Individual supervision from Dr. Conrad counts toward your ICEEFT certification as either a certified EFT therapist or a certified EFT supervisor.

Please contact Dr. Conrad directly for more specifics and to schedule.

  • $150/Hour (Paid Each Session)

  • Sign a Contract for Supervision with Dr. Conrad (Paperwork Given When First Appointment is Scheduled)

Join Our Team Intern & Associate Job Opportunities

If you're looking to broaden your horizons and become a certified emotionally focused therapy (EFT) therapist, look no further. With over 15 years serving the Tri-Cities community, no therapist within 150 miles has more research, training, and experience in EFT than Dr. Carol Ann Conrad at CFIT. Interns, associate therapists, and licensed therapists work under Dr. Conrad's supervision to receive EFT training, hone their skills, become certified in EFT, and best of all, become part of an amazing team that is transforming lives and relationships. 

For more information or to apply with CFIT to be an intern, contact Dr. Conrad directly.