About The Couples and Family Institute of Tri-Cities

CFIT offers exceptional service to couples, families, and individuals utilizing effective, evidence-based treatment by highly skilled EFT therapists dedicated to growth, transformation, and healing for themselves and their clients. 

Our Philosophy Shift Your View of the World and Yourself

We hold positive regard for all human beings, regardless of race, sex, religious preference, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity. We assume the position that in the core of all human beings there is an innate desire to grow when safety is provided. Safety (physical, emotional, mental) is the North Star by which we navigate all interactions between and within the staff and clients of CFIT. 

Meeting Our Mission for Personal & Professional Growth

CFIT therapists are devoted and committed to both personal and professional growth—living and acting upon the principles of attachment and the humanistic perspective. Here's how we do it:

  • A Commitment to Ethics

    We commit to adherence to the ethical foundation of our profession with regard to the sacred trust of our clients. If we in any way fail in our duty to fulfill our goal for excellent service to our clients, we take responsibility for our part, offer an equitable solution, and seek to repair the relationship.

  • Collaboration & Communication

    Working in collaboration with each other, we create a safe space for learning and growth by resolving conflicts and maintaining open communication with one another. We give direct feedback to each other and maintain personal responsibility and accountability. We operate on the principles of kindness and forgiveness, including with ourselves and our own humanness. 

  • Positivity & Affirmations

    We maintain a positive environment by speaking to others, not about others. We give praise and/or support for effort and growth, asserting our needs and being gracious with each other. We work together as a team to achieve our mission and goal to transform the lives of our clients for the better. 

  • Constant Learning

    CFIT staff will receive continual training, supervision, and support for their positions. Therapists will receive supervision using the EFT model for couples, families, and individuals. Support staff will indicate when more support and training is needed to fulfill their role as an integral part of our institute. 

  • ICEEFT Certification

    All CFIT therapists are highly encouraged to become certified by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). CFIT will cover the cost of training and ICEEFT certification. 

  • Excellence in Care & Compassion

    We provide excellent service to our clients from first contact on the phone or email to the very last contact. We seek to meet each client's needs in a positive, fair, and compassionate way. 


"We loved working with Dr. Carol. She had a way of creating a very safe place for us to explore our relationship and our more vulnerable needs and feelings. She skillfully led us to rediscover a love and trust we once had! Our time and financial investment proved to be successful in every way."

Don and Julie S.

"I found that what Dr. Carol offered had a more powerful impact on my life than previous therapeutic approaches I had engaged in. Her coaching blended with therapy approach was collaborative and empowering!"

Megan L.

“Dr. Conrad is very professional and compassionate. We work together as a team and she has helped me heal in ways I never thought possible. As a result of therapy, I am able to enjoy life to its fullest. I highly recommend Dr. Conrad as a therapist!”  

A Happy Client

“I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Conrad and her therapy practice. Without her I was at the edge of a cliff, unable to get my husband to see me and therefore destined for suicide or divorce. Because of her love, patience, skill, and professionalism (and our hard work) we now have a happy, healthy marriage. We can talk together about challenges we face and hurts we experience. How can I put a value on my marriage? Time, money, and hard work are all hard to come by. Find them. I am confident that if both partners want it, a happy marriage is within reach with Dr. Conrad’s help!"

A Successful Couple

“Dr. Conrad is very professional and compassionate. We worked together as a team and she helped me heal in ways I never thought possible. As a result of therapy I am able to enjoy life to its fullest. I highly recommend Dr. Conrad.” 

A Satisfied Client

“For decades I have struggled with anxiety, anger and exhaustion. After receiving EFT counseling services from Carol and Amanda, I am now at a happy, healthy, and peaceful place in my life. Thank you ladies for your support!”

A Happy Client