Resources For Love, Relationships, and Mental Health

Online Support

Anxiety Disorders & PTSD


  • National Center for PTSD


  • Hold Me Tight

  • EFT

  • Building a Lasting Connection

  • Research on EFT

Depression & Bipolar Support


  • Why Am I Still Depressed?

12-Step Groups

  • COSA

  • S-Anon

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Narcotics Anonymous

Pornography Issues

  • Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health

  • Recovery Zone

  • Sex Help

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous

  • Sexaholics Anonymous

  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Substance Abuse


Recommended Reading


Safe Way Out

Hosted by CFIT Therapist Luis Madrigal

Everyone's mental health journey is unique, but it is just as valuable to realize what resources are available to help you overcome some of the challenges in your life. Both of us rely on the value of attachment, and whether that be family, friends or partners, even where there is a lack of control, there is comfort in reaching towards someone for empathy and understanding. The focus of "Safe Way Out" is to offer support by expressing the beauty of connection and the power of processing your feelings.

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Emotionally focused therapy helps couples, families, and individuals find security, improve their communication, and achieve healthier outlooks on their lives and relationships.