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Exploring Emotionally Focused Therapy For Individual & Couples Counseling

Humans are emotionally bonding creatures. Our feelings influence all of our choices and drive us toward other humans for safety and connection. We thrive when our emotional needs are met and we feel secure inside and with others, and we flounder, struggle, and become depressed, anxious, or traumatized in the absence of a secure attachment connection.

Emotionally-focused therapy is considered one the most effective therapy models for individuals, couples and families because it helps us understand our emotions, identify negative patterns, and heal old wounds that cause depression, anxiety, stress and unhappiness. By creating more security within and between you and your loved ones, EFT helps you establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships, feel safer in your sense of self, and learn to cope with life's challenges in a healthy way.

What's the difference between EFT for couples and other cognitive approaches to couples therapy?

Couples go from distress to resolution with EFT.
Show long-lasting improvement, even years after therapy.


Less than one-third of couples go from distress to resolution.
Show improvement, though gains tend to drop off after 6 months.

"HMT gave us a second chance, created the space each of us needed to work with each other again, and gave me the breathing room that I needed personally."

healed Client

"The HMT workshop reinforced the book and provided excellent video examples (behavioral examples) and the opportunity to discuss general partner dynamics as a group. Carol and the support therapists did a great job!"

A Happy Client

"Going through the HMT "process" has helped my husband and I communicate more effectively. Knowing what the demon dialogue does to us & how to stop our dance has been pivotal to us really letting each other in"

happy client

“Dr. Conrad is very professional and compassionate. We worked together as a team and she helped me heal in ways I never thought possible. As a result of therapy I am able to enjoy life to its fullest. I highly recommend Dr. Conrad.” 

A Satisfied Client

"We simply can’t recommend working with Dr. Carol enough! Our marriage had been struggling for a long time, and we went into counseling skeptical (but hopeful) that things could be different. After the Hold Me Tight workshop and hard work together with Carol, we are happier in our relationship, closer than we thought possible, and even better parents. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Carol and EFT; we know the tools we learned have saved our marriage!"

Hold Me Tight Couple

"Dr. Conrad was engaging and encouraging to us. she helped make the workshop a little easier to participate in. The topics at time were emotionally charging, but she was supportive."

refreshed client

"I think EVERY couple should do this!"

satisfied client

"If you are open, I guarantee you will learn how to create love and trust in this workshop!"

A happy client

The HMT was a great place to open up and really explore our relationship & feelings in a safe & encouraging environment."

Hold Me Tight Couple

"Well worth the time!"

A Satisfied Client

"HMT helped us find the core of our relationship difficulty."

Hold Me Tight Couple


Meet Dr. Carol Ann Conrad

Dr. Conrad is a licensed psychologist, certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) for Couples, and Certified Supervisor in the EFT community.  She has over 20 years of professional experience working with individuals, couples, and families.  Her mission is to transform the world one relationship at a time.  Dr. Conrad offers private therapy sessions, facilitates workshops, and supervises EFT therapists in training. 

Licensed Psychologist

Hold Me Tight® A Workshop for Married Couples

Hold Me Tight® Tri-Cities is an interactive retreat for couples who want to strengthen their bond, deepen their intimacy, and work through tough points in their relationship. 

  • Understand how your inner dialogue affects your connection to your partner

  • Heal and repair old relationship hurts and arguments

  • Learn new ways to communicate your feelings, hurts, and needs

  • Deepen your emotional and physical intimacy

Backed by Science

New research backs up the efficacy of this psychoeducational program for couples:

University of Ottowa
Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy
Family Process