Joe—Trauma Treatment using EFT

person alone looking at a lake

Joe had been sexually abused as a child and emotionally neglected. His life had been riddled with broken relationships, divorce, challenging work settings and painful social situations. Yet, he wanted to heal from the pain of the past and was resilient enough to believe that there had to be a better way to live. As…

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Louise—Anxiety Treatment using EFT

elderly woman looking at phone with her granddaughter

Louise was in her late 60’s and sought me out at the recommendation of her doctor. She had struggled with panic attacks and anxiety most all of her life. At one point more than 20 years earlier, the panic and anxiety became so intense she was unable to leave her home and participate in life.…

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Lisa—Depression Treatment using EFT

woman alone

Lisa was single, in her early 30’s and had been depressed for many years. Though she was educated and had a promising career, she felt inadequate at work, inept socially and unable to form a lasting romantic relationship. She was taking anti-depressant medication, but struggled to even admit that she felt depressed, even though she…

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Ted and Betty—Silent Partners

middle-aged couple hiking

Empty nesters, Ted and Betty had been married over 30 years. Years of distance, silence and loneliness were manifest in the way they each inhabited different ends of the house. Betty was depressed and lonely; afraid of Ted’s occasional angry outbursts. Ted struggled with depression and physical problems, at times becoming frustrated and lashing out…

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Sam and Terry—Healing from an Affair

sad woman

Terry was heartbroken when Sam left her for another woman. Sam had a short affair and realized that leaving his wife and children was a huge mistake. They came to see me in order to repair their broken relationship. Sam and Terry at one time had a strong and loving relationship that had been worn…

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Tom & Cassandra―A Blended Family

happy family

Tom and Cassandra had painful previous relationships and were both dedicated parents trying to raise children on their own when they met and married each other. For the first several years of their relationship things went well as they worked together to blend and support their family, though there was growing tension as one of their…

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