Sex is an Attachment Behavior!

happy couple on park bench

There are lots of blogs and blog posts that quote the research that extolls the virtues of sex. Here’s one that identifies the hormones release during orgasm. Oxytocin is the “cuddle hormone” along with other endorphines such as dopamine, and some that act like an analgesic to pain. This is all true, and there’s plenty of…

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WAIT! What Just happened???

angry couple

Have you ever been talking with your partner and suddenly something is said, something else is said, and then in a matter of seconds things are bad and you don’t know what happened? Or you felt something shifts and then boom, things are bad between you? It’s like it flew by you so fast and…

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“We Don’t Need to Go to Therapy!”

couple talking to therapist

I make a living as a counseling psychologist, and I do alright. However, I think I would be making a LOT more money if I had a dollar for every time I heard a client say in my office that “my husband said he didn’t think we needed to come to therapy.” Or “My wife…

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Attachment Styles: A Blueprint for Relationships

holding hands

What is your attachment style? Why would this be important to know about yourself and your partner in your relationship? Would any contractor ever begin to build a home without first creating a blueprint? Of course we know that the blueprint is an outline, a design, carefully thought out about everything that will be pertinent…

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